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Lox & Vodka

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You don’t have to be a musician to write a hit song

Using Music as a Catalyst for Social Change

Intro to group singing:
wine and harmony

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"Marching Feet Can Make It Right," which Caron Dale wrote for the non-profit organization Chords of Courage, was a winner in the Great American Song Contest. You can hear the song here.

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Caron Dale is the founder of Dale Entertainment. She has participated in and produced many recordings, some of which include her original compositions. Caron has been performing and writing music most of her life, beginning with a guest performance on a radio show at the age of 13, and looks forward to sharing the process with others.
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Dear Caron:
Thank you for helping make our celebration extra special. Please tell your fellow musicians that every person that we spoke with was extremely pleased with the music. You are a truly talented and a warm person. I am lucky to know you.

~ Susan L & Family