"Marching Feet Can Make It Right," which Caron Dale wrote for the non-profit organization Chords of Courage, was a winner in the Great American Song Contest. You can hear the song here.


Fun, Bonding and Memorable Music-Oriented Workshops
Why a Music Workshop? It’s a great way to find out more about each other, a different culture, explore creativity, use as a team building exercise, an ice breaker or a fundraiser. We’ll work with you to create the perfect experience for your event.

Dale Entertainment workshops are special, unique experiences, low in time commitment and high in artistry. They are timely, engaging, and dynamic sessions targeted to serve participants with varied interests and goals. The typical duration of a workshop is between 1.5 and 3 hours, but we also offer intensives and multi-day options.

Team Building for All Kinds of Groups: Effective Team Building means different things to different people. It could be about getting better acquainted, bonding, building trust or strengthening communications and group problem solving capabilities. These four workshops do just that.

  1. You Don’t Have To Be A Musician To Write A Hit Song is Dale Entertainment’s Unique Team Building Program designed to bring out the best in your group by:
    • Strengthening the working team
    • Enhancing creative thinking
    • Developing project and management skills
    • Exploring creative solutions
    • Experiencing a fun & humorous environment for constructive competition.
  2. Imagine a group of colleagues or friends working together to write a song. It could be about their company, organization or for a charity. Groups work together to create a unique message and have lots of fun taking part in this dynamic team building activity while thanking you for offering an event which produced rewarding and measurable results, including your very own CD.

  3. Using Music as a Catalyst for Social Changecollaboratively writing powerful songs about people of great courage; people who inspire us! This activity combines constructive collaboration, effective communications, project ownership, creativity, leadership, humor and lots of fun. Designed for kids and adults, together or separately.
  4. A Taste of Jewish Soul Music, an interactive lecture, PowerPoint and live performance presentation. In order to understand the music of a people, you must first understand the culture, traditions and priorities. Please join me in a brief journey back in time, culture and song.
  5. Fun Music Party and Fundraiser Activities. Everyone remembers playing musical chairs when they were young but few think about musical experiences as adults. You don’t need to be a child to have fun with music. Here are a couple of great options:
Pairing Wine and Harmony – Many of the words we use to describe wine also describe music: bold, smooth, lively, soft, sweet, dark. There is a synergy between wine and music that you just can’t deny! Think about pinot noir with Jazz, zinfandel with Blues, shiraz with Rock & Roll, chardonnay with World Music or malbec with Folk. It’s a perfect combination for a high spirited, inclusive and fun time together, whether you’re a shower or seasoned singer!

Socially Conscious Songs Then & Now – Let’s learn and sing these powerful songs together. From golden oldies to messages anew, we raise our voices in song and spirit. This is also an ideal fundraising event!

Some of Our Client’s Include:

  • Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
  • WPAS - Washington Performing Arts Society
  • Chords of Courage
  • Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, DC
  • Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC
I can’t imagine an activity that was more bonding and joyful. I didn’t really know anyone at the event and by the end we were all singing, laughing and getting to know each other.

~ Laura G
Your "Taste of Jewish Soul Music" program for OLLI at AU was wonderful, not only in your historic presentation with nostalgic photos, but the spirit with which you played and sang this wonderful music and got the audience to sing along with gusto. We were very lucky to have you and we look forward to your next visit. 

~ Alan  Frey, OLLI Music Coordinator
This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I haven’t sung in ages and doing so with Caron made me remember how joyous and emotive it can be. I can’t wait to do this again.

~Cassie D

Caron's presentation, A Taste of Jewish Soul Music, was one of the best events in our entire lecture program this year. She held the rapt attention of her standing-room-only audience and conveyed her special warmth, knowledge, and sense of fun. When she concluded there was barely a dry eye in the house – wewere inspired.

~ Denise L. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at American University