~ About Caron Dale, Founder and President,
Dale Entertainment LLC

Having officiated at weddings, performed concerts and lead fun and fulfilling workshops all around and outside the country, I’ve been fortunate to perform at wonderful venues and for outstanding clients. Some of them include President Clinton, Democratic and Republican members of the House and Senate, the Grand Opening of the MCI Center in Washington, DC, Rancho La Puerta, folk festivals across the land, and being the Kennedy Center's Artist in Residence, to name a few. Sharing music experiences is a great joy for me. I hope to bring you that joy too.


I am continually searching for the center of my spiritual tootsie pop — always exploring, questioning and singing. Judaism has been an integral part of my life from the beginning. I love the traditions, symbols, stories, lessons and customs. Whether it’s breaking a glass, lighting candles, drinking from the Kiddush cup, reciting blessings or singing songs old and new, the power of language, music and signs combined, bring a wonderful sense of spirituality, familiarity and continuity. I’d be so honored to share that with you.

I am honored to be Cantor for Hevrat Shalom Congregation in Rockville, MD, the Residence at Thomas Circle in Washington, DC and a guest Cantorial Troubadour at many congregations.


I’ve been performing and writing music most of my life, beginning with a guest performance on a radio show at the age of 13. I started Lox & Vodka, a performing ensemble for which I am band leader, lead vocalist and manager. Lox & Vodka is the renowned Klezmer, Jewish and American music group based in Washington, DC and has been the Kennedy Center’s Artists in Residence, Washington Post’s Best Pick, performed for Presidential events, featured in Festivals in Charleston, South Carolina, Chambersburg and Harrisburg, PA, to name a few. We are the premiere band of its kind in the region. And my original song, “These Chanukah Lights Are A Sign”, has been met with rave reviews.


As a songwriter/performer, Cantorial Soloist, workshop leader and mother, making a positive impact in the world is very important to me. I am the founder and CEO of Chords of Courage , a non-profit that uses music as a catalyst for social change, bringing accomplished songwriters to area youth to create powerful songs about people of particular courage and perform them for their peers. STEPPING UP! (community service) projects, in the spirit of the person about whom students just wrote a song, accompany all programs. 

Our goal is to shine a spotlight on the courageous among us, telling stories through song & video, to transform our country’s conversation from the demoralizing and cynical to the hopeful and inspirational one song at a time.

Chords of Courage firmly believes that by creating socially conscious music today, we create socially conscious citizens for tomorrow.


I am proud to say that I have been designated as a Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS) Artist for their Enriching Experiences. I serve on the Executive Committee of the Songwriter’s Association of Washington and have served as an Advisory Board Member of the University of Connecticut School of Family Studies, among other organizations.