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Please feel free join me at Hevrat Shalom Services.
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August 9 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
August 17 - Wedding celebration
August 23 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
August 31 - 80th birthday celebration
September 2 - Wedding celebration in New York
September 7-8 - Shoot video to accompany song, "We Are Malala" - ChordsofCourage.org
September 13 - Prepare for Yom Kippur at Thomas Circle
September 19 - kick off event for Chords of Courage
September 27 - Simchat Torah at Thomas Circle
October 4 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
October 5 - Officiating at wedding in Connecticut
October 13 - Wedding celebration
October 18 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
November 8 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
November 9 - Wedding celebration
November 22 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle
December 1-10 - Chanukah Concerts Galore! Please contact us for more information.
December 20 - Cantorial at Thomas Circle

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  • Exciting, participatory and memorable concerts for Festivals, Meetings, Fundraisers, and more
  • A fun, energetic dance band for your important event
  • Spiritually enriching music for your Service
  • Entertainment, classes and lessons for children
  • An exciting and creative Corporate Team Building Program

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Corporate Team Building

"You Don't Have To Be A Musician To Write A Hit Song"

Dale Entertainment’s Unique Team Building Program is designed to bring out the best in your staff by strengthening the working team, enhancing creative thinking, developing project and management skills, exploring creative solutions, and experiencing a fun & humorous environment for constructive competition. Your staff will have fun taking part in this dynamic team building activity while thanking you for offering an event which produced rewarding and measurable results, including your very own CD.
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